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What Are Car Title Loans Exactly?

Have you ever found yourself in a financial crisis with no way out? You need a temporary cash advance that will help you pay some unexpected bills and fees. It’s a normal life situation where you’re entitled to use your assets as a means to get easy cash.


If you have a car that’s paid off, you have the answer sitting in your garage. Car title loans provide a short-term solution to your financial rough patch. They’re similar to credit card or payday loans, but only less stressful and less complex. It’s safe and secure, and it will only take couple of minutes of your time.


An Outline of the Basic Process

  • Fill out an application online or present the documents in person.
  • Talk to a loan representative that can answer any additional questions you may have.
  • Carefully review and accept the title loan terms and conditions.
  • Give your car title.
  • Get cash in hand or directly deposited to your bank account.
  • Repay the loan on time.
  • Get your car title returned.

Applying for Pro Car Title Loans in Lemon Grove

You don’t have to stress out about your credit score because it doesn’t really matter to Pro Car Title Loans. Good score, bad score, no score. No problem! You credit score won’t prevent you from getting a loan in Lemon Grove, so don’t worry about anything but moving forward. The amount of cash you’ll receive from Pro Car Title Loans is determined by the value of your vehicle, not by your credit history. As long as you own a car, SUV, RV, or motorcycle with a clear title in Lemon Grove, you can drive away with your cash within minutes.

Moreover, you can keep driving your vehicle in Lemon Grove. Pro Car Title Loans will only need your car title. All you are required to present is:

  • A vehicle title paid off in your name
  • Driver’s license or photo I.D (name must match the name of the title)
  • The vehicle (it needs to be evaluated prior to receiving your loan)

No Hidden Fees or Costs

When you decide to get a car title loan from Pro Car Title Loans you can expect to have a very straightforward and transparent experience. Our company doesn’t apply any hidden costs or fees on our contracts.

You’ll be pleasingly surprised to learn that our company in Lemon Grove also comes with professional customer service, dedicated to helping you find your perfect loan.

About Lemon Grove, CA

Lemon Grove is a serene small town in the midst of the metropolitan San Diego County. It’s a charming town with a unique history, moderate climate, and vibrant spirit.

Lemon Grove still exhibits community pride and spirit, boasting The World’s Biggest Lemon monument ever built. This lemon sculpture was originally built as a parade float for the 1928 Fourth of July Fiesta de San Diego parade.

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