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When you need money for the most important things in your life but you don’t really qualify for the traditional short-term loans, the solution could come from where you expect less. Pro Car Title Loans has been providing such handy resources while servicing in the Encinitas, CA area with outstanding results. Our efficiency and human tone, the total transparency and the strategy of getting our customers in touch with their direct lenders have proved to be the best approach.


All you have to do is to apply. With a vehicle in good driving condition and the car title on your name, as long as we agree that you have an acceptable source of income, we are ready to sign with you the loan that will ease all your worries and allow you to focus on the things that truly matter to you.

You bring your car and fill out a loan application. Pro Car Title Loans will briefly inspect your vehicle and then you should get a lending decision. Once we’ve covered the most time-consuming part, we move on to reviewing and signing the loan documents. Finally, it’s pay time, sooner, faster, and simpler than you would have ever dreamed of. Do not worry about the pay back, we will make sure that you repay this loan over a predefined period of time, just like we agreed at the moment of your loan acceptance.

We service the Encinitas, CA city with all the commitment and determination to make a change. As a resident here, you are entitled to reach us any time, over the web or over the phone, and we’ll find a way to help you too.

Pro Car Title Loans contract?

We will put a lien on the title during the period when you are taking the loan and paying it back. As long as our contract is active, our servicing in the Encinitas, CA city will serve a lien holder. While we get to keep the car title you keep the car itself. With other words, you use the car as a collateral and you continue to keep it and use it. The moment when you pay the last fee, the car title will get back to you and it would be just as if you’ve never even changed

When can we get started?

The moment you call us or contact us online, one of our expert and kind title loan representatives will start discussing your options. Through our lending service the Encinitas, CA residents will be informed about the necessary paperwork and the actual steps of the process with full transparency. We are here to answer all your questions and ease all your worries, while scheduling recurring payments that should make your payback as natural and smooth as possible. At Pro Car Title Loans, we truly understand what an emergency is so, if you have one, do not hesitate to contact us.

About Encinitas, CA

If you’d only have to mention two things about the sunny and vivid Encinitas, those would be the title of Flower Capital of the World and, of course, its position in the top 20 best surf cities from around the world, as selected by National Geographic. But you don’t have to love any of these in order to love Encinitas because this city has plenty of other charming facets. Like a diamond with a myriad of perspectives, Encinitas has a thriving nightlife and a seductive day life with fancy coffeehouses and shops or small restaurants where you can relax after a rough, party night. Tourists and locals alike never have time to get bored in Encinitas, not with all those nature and park events, outdoor activities, boat tours and water sports, not to mention the shopping opportunities.

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