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We often find ourselves in the delicate position of having to borrow money for settling urgent debts or dealing with time-sensitive financial issues. Whether we’re talking about covering an old debt or having to pay for medical bills, travel expenses or unexpected repairs, we usually need to find the fastest and easiest way to get access to the right amount of money.


But what happens if you have a bad credit score or the bank in Coronado, CA is simply moving too slow to give you the necessary loan? Or if you’re friends and family can’t help you out? Pro Car Title Loans will be there to save the day.

What exactly are car title loans?

car-title-loans-coronadoCar title loans are loans that will help you settle difficult financial situations without stressing about credit score checking, meetings with bank representatives or having to borrow money from people you know. It is basically a loan that has as collateral your vehicle. We’re saying vehicle because you can use as guarantee for your car title loans not only your car, but also your motorcycle and even motor home.

Once you pay your loan, your car title will return in your possession. However, the great thing about car title loans is that they allow you to use your car as usual, even if the lender will keep the car title.

How can I get a loan from Pro Car Title Loans, Coronado CA?

Fast, easy and with a minimum of paperwork involved! Pro Car Title Loans Coronado, CA specializes in providing car title loans to almost anyone who owns a car. As a matter of fact, the only necessary condition to be able to get a car title loan from Pro Car Title Loans Coronado, CA is to be the owner of the car you’re using as guarantee.

Yes, it’s that simple to get a car title loan! It is a 3-step process:

  • Contact Pro Car Title Loans and inform them about your intention to get a car title loan
  • Get your car appraised by the company’s experts and decide on the amount of money you want to borrow
  • Sign the contract and use the money however you see fit

About Coronado, CA

Situated in San Diego County, California, right over the bridge from San Diego, Coronado is both a resort city and a small town with a cozy atmosphere. Nearly 25,000 people live in the beautiful Victorian homes and Californian bungalows in Coronado, enjoying the almost perfect weather and beautiful beaches of the “island”, as the locals call their home town.

Although it may seem the town relies on tourism to grow, it’s actually the military that has become the largest industry here, since Coronado is home to the first military flying school in America, as well as a training location for Navy SEALs.

Nevertheless, the beaches in Coronado are still growing strong, with Coronado Central Beach being a popular destination for swimmers and sand sculptors, and North Beach creating the perfect setting for morning surfing. From December through February, whale watchers gather on Coronado Central Beach to spot the majestic marine creatures in all their splendor.

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